Cambodia and Bali in 10 days (draft)


This, as usual was a fast track trip. Owing to the price hikes during new year and lack of proper planning (as usual), we decided to go from  India -> Malaysia -> Cambodia -> Malaysia -> Indonesia -> Malaysia -> India. We skipped visiting Malaysia as we already covered it during our New Zealand trip.

The highlights of Cambodia were:

  1. Phnom Peng :
    1. Royal Palace
    2. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (Recommended to take a guided tour of it)
    3. Wat Phnom 
    4. A private boat ride in the Mekong river.
    5. beautiful landscape during bus ride from phnom penh to siem reap.
  2. Siem Reap:
    1. Stay in Pub street (dirt cheap beer, extremely cheap massage centers)
    2. Half day cycle tour to Angkor Wat
    3. visit to the floating village Kompong Phluk
    4. icecream of the french chef

The highlights of Bali were:

  1. Pro Surf hostel at Kuta
    1. Right next to Kuta beach.
    2. Had pool where we learned how to do summersault
    3. Surfing lessons provided for extremely cheap price with guarantee that we will be able to stand of the surf, if not, next class free. (we failed and went for the next free class)
    4. Trek to Mount Batur, an active volcano.
      Mount Batur from a distance
      1. we started at 2am in the night and reached there by 4am. Trekked for one and half to two hours to see the sunrise from mount Batur.
      2. Walked on the lava soil which was extremely loose and rocks that were so pointed.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0487.JPG
    5. Learned how to turn a surfboat left and right while still sitting on it. Learned how to stand on a surfboard and surf on the waves
    6. velvet roof top bar and hypnotized club (amazing pizza, ambiance, music)
    7. Sky Garden Club
    8. Trip to Uluwatu temple on bike.
    9. Ayana Resort and rock bar
  2. Sanur beach
    1. Scuba dive at Nusa Penida (missed watching mola mola and going to manta bay because of rough sea and bad weather.
    2. Stay in an awesome villa (Linda Villa) at Sanur beach with private pool and barbecue for dirt cheap price.
  3. Gili air
    Gili Air

    Scuba. Turtle island. Spotted 7 turtles.Turtle greater than my height.

    1. Snorkeling around the island
    2. Husband’s first freedive lesson.
  4. Nusa dua Beach
    1. Waterblow
    2. Beautiful beach

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